Brief presentation

‘Interpretative Trails on the Ground’ includes activities associated with management and conservation of protected territories on regional scale. The project envisages the establishment of interpretative trails in nature reserves, parks and other protected territories, the description of valuable natural, geographical and cultural assets along the route, training, and exchange of expertise and good practices on national and regional level, as well as public awareness activities and involvement of local communities. The project can become a stepping stone to the creation of a regional network of protected territories.

The project aims toward stimulating the growth and development of awareness, understanding and consciousness toward the coastal environment and its problems, including human interactions and their effects. It can also help people in the regional communities to start thinking in terms of an environmental consciousness and utilise better the opportunities for protecting biodiversity through management of protected areas.

The focus of the project is devising and creating interpretative trails. The meaning of the name given to the trails implies that the ordinary visitors to the parks need to have the significance of nature explained, interpreted to them. The trails are routes inside the park which comprise nature landmarks and specific items of interest to be shown and their significance explained to the visitors. Those can include plant and tree species specific to the region or the area. If there are endangered species of plant and animal life, they can also be included in the trail. Explanations about habitats, voices of birds, footsteps and traces of animals can also form part of the ‘interpretation’. The explanation. can be delivered in foreign languages as well depending on the interest to the trail.

‘InterTrails’ is supported by the Black Sea Basin Joint Operational Programme, one of the EU programmes under the European Neighbourhood & Partnership Instrument. The project was launched in October 2011 and it spans over two years.