Project objectives

The overall objective of the project is to widen the framework of transborder cooperation in the management of nature protected areas (NPAs) and help improve the regional awareness on the significance of nature assets and sustainable development

The project partners strive to achieve this with the accomplishment of the two specific objectives:

  1. To design, develop and promote 20 interpretative trails of the natural and cultural heritage in nature protected areas in the Black Sea region.
  2. To create a transnational functional structure which can integrate and interpret biodiversity, geodiversity and cultural diversity aspects in the project area.

The action will provide support to the establishment of national and cross-border expert structures for interpretation of nature and cultural diversity in NPAs and for the training of experts in modern environmental management practices. A substantial part of the common efforts is the elaboration of the trails with production of guide books for the trails and the training of nature interpreters, as well as the production of visibility and awareness interpretative media.